Thursday 10 May 2007

NEW feature - user groups

We've finally added a feature which we'd had in mind for a long time, and which several customers then prompted us by asking for...

You can now define a group of users (i.e. a list), and use it as part of a workflow definition. For example, you can define a "Customer Services" team, and have customer enquiries and requests being allocated to that team rather than to a specific individual.

It remains the case that every workflow item is always assigned to one specific person: if the workflow definition says to assign the item to a group, the system picks an individual from the group and assigns the item to them.

The definition of a user group lets you define how work is shared out amongst the group members: simple round-robin allocation of tasks, allocation based on who has the fewest items in their workflow queue etc.

You define user groups from the user list - i.e. click on "User list" from the Dashboard, and then click on "User groups". Only administrators are allowed to change (or delete) groups.

Groups can then be used anywhere within the workflow system where it asks who to assign a workflow item to.

As ever, full information can be found in the help file. We particularly recommend looking at the section entitled "Using groups as aliases".