Thursday 13 March 2008

Outlook add-in now available for beta-testing

Matchpeg now has Outlook integration available for customers to beta-test. This takes the form of an Outlook add-in which provides the following features:
  • Your meetings in Matchpeg are automatically added to your Outlook calendar.
  • You can also choose to have the minutes of meetings automatically filed against the Outlook appointment in PDF form.
  • Actions from meetings are added to your Outlook task list.
  • Workflow items assigned to you are also added to your task list.
  • You can create meetings in Matchpeg from appointments in your Outlook calendar: in other words, schedule meetings in the usual way using Outlook/Exchange functionality, and then add the meeting to Matchpeg once the attendees are confirmed.
If you would like to try out the beta version of the add-in, please contact our support team.

(The add-in requires Outlook 2000 or later, and Windows 2000 or later.)

Saturday 8 March 2008

NEW feature - meeting organisers marking actions as complete

Meeting organisers are now allowed to mark action points as complete on a participant's behalf. The organiser opens the details of the action (e.g. by clicking on its link in the minutes), and can now mark the action as complete, or update the percentage-completeness, and add notes.

This change is mainly intended to help out PAs who were complaining to us that they just couldn't get their IT-phobic bosses to log into Matchpeg and update their actions themselves. They were getting stuck with actions which were left open on the system forever.

(However, we're about release the details of our Outlook add-in. No more need for the boss to log into Matchpeg. They just update a task in Outlook. Watch this space...)

Friday 7 March 2008

NEW feature - pre-population of workflow items from meeting actions

We've improved the creation of workflow items from meeting actions (i.e. what happens when you open a meeting action and click on the "Create workflow item" link):
  • The due date for the workflow item is copied over from the due date for the meeting action (provided that the action has a due date, and provided that the workflow definition asks for a due date).
  • The start date of the action becomes the start date of the workflow item (again, where applicable).
  • Provided that the text of the action is short enough, the text is used as the subject of the workflow item. Previously, the text was always put into the item's description.