Wednesday 2 May 2007

NEW feature - central list of RSS feeds

As we hope you already know, Matchpeg makes a very large number of RSS feeds available. For example:
  • Feed of all your pending meetings
  • Feed of all your incomplete action points
  • Feed of all your pending brainstorming sessions
  • Feed of all your current workflow items
  • ...Plus individual feeds for each meeting, workflow item, and brainstorming session
However, no web browser has quite cracked the issue of advertising feed-availability to people. Therefore, in order to make them more prominent and better-known, we've added a central list of the main feeds. This is accessible using the new "RSS feeds" link on the right of the Dashboard.

(If you have no idea what RSS is what are you doing reading a blog? we suggest that you read a generic introduction to the subject, such as the one published by the BBC. All Matchpeg's feeds can be added to places such as a Google home page.)

Tuesday 1 May 2007

NEW feature - full help file

Matchpeg's context-sensitive help file is now complete - i.e. full documentation of the system in addition to the Getting Started guides, the brief help text displayed on each screen (e.g. at the top of boxes), and all the various tooltips.

Now that the help file is complete, help on each page can be viewed in either or two ways:

  • Click on the new help icon in the top right of each page

  • Or just press F1

The "Help" link in the "Help and support" section on the Dashboard continues to link to the first page of the help file.

We recommend that everyone - though particularly new users - reads the "hints and tips" section of the help file. Almost everyone will already know 80% of the information in this, but it will be a different 80% for each person, and the remaining 20% may well turn out to be valuable information.

Introducing the Matchpeg Introducer scheme

Big drum roll for the launch of... the Matchpeg Introducer scheme.

The basis for this is simple, and it's worked really well in our previous ventures: word-of-mouth recommendations are much more effective and much cheaper than any other form of marketing, and anyone who recommends us to their friends and colleagues deserves a share of the proceeds.
  • You sign up as an introducer.
  • You put a link to Matchpeg on your website/blog.
  • People sign up with Matchpeg after coming to us via your link.
  • We pay you commission whenever your referrals spend money with us.

We also provide other kinds of marketing support such as e-mail templates which you can use when contacting your friends and colleagues about Matchpeg.

You can even introduce other introducers: if someone becomes an introducer themselves after coming to Matchpeg via you, then you can earn extra commission on their referrals. (No, this is not a Ponzi scheme. Payments to introducers don't come from payments by other introducers. Registration as an introducer is free.)

Thursday 26 April 2007

Welcome to Matchpeg

Welcome to Matchpeg, the site for relieving business frustrations and delivering results.