Benefits of Matchpeg Brainstorming

Benefits of Matchpeg Brainstorming

Improve your group brainstorming. Collect better, more popular ideas in less time, and boost your team's morale.

Automatic transcript

Everyone's ideas get typed into a computer, and therefore there's an automatic transcript of the session. No need for anyone to take minutes. No chance of bias or, er, selective amnesia by the person taking the minutes.

Unique ranking stage

Sessions can have a ranking stage where everyone gives a score to each idea. The system then adds the scores together and gives an entirely fair and accurate indication of the popularity of each idea.

Democracy in action, part 1

It's harder for more extrovert types to "shout down" shyer participants (or more junior members of staff) when everyone can type at the same time.

Democracy in action, part 2

Sessions can be made anonymous. You can prevent participants from seeing who's the author of each idea.

Democracy in action, part 3

Everyone gets to vote for each idea. (And we recommend that you do allow people to vote for their own ideas, though you can turn this off if you want to.)

Anywhere in the world

Matchpeg Brainstorming is entirely browser-based. Nothing gets installed on your computer.

Participants can take part in a session from any computer with an internet connection. No travel, no booking of meeting rooms.

Integration with MindManager

Matchpeg Brainstorming integrates with Mindjet's MindManager.

You can download an add-in which imports a Matchpeg Brainstorming session directly into MindManager as a new Mind Map document.


Matchpeg Brainstorming obviously provides comprehensive reports about its sessions: everything from a simple transcript to ranked lists of the most popular ideas, to complex breakdowns of who gave which score to each idea.

The reports include participant activity, showing Matchpeg's (in)famous Narcissism and Generosity ratings. These tell you who's most supportive of other people's ideas, and who's keenest on the sound of their own voice.

Team building and evaluation

Canny managers use Matchpeg Brainstorming even when they're not particularly interested in the results of the session itself.

Matchpeg's reports show how well a team works together, and the interaction between team members.

So, even if a session doesn't produce ideas which will make your company worth billions, it encourages team co-operation and tells you how well a team is working together.

Time limits vs. suggestion boards

Matchpeg Brainstorming sessions usually have a time limit, to introduce that little element of pressure under which creativity thrives.

However, you can also use Matchpeg Brainstorming to create open-ended sessions which can be used as ongoing discussion forums or suggestion boards.

For example, you can run a week- or even month-long session via your intranet, about products, or strategy, or even where to hold the Christmas party. You then have the option of using the ranking stage to get everyone to vote on each idea.


Matchpeg Brainstorming is approximately 5,932 times cheaper than hiring management consultants to revolutionise your business.

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