Benefits of Matchpeg Meetings

Benefits of Matchpeg Meetings

Distribute a meaningful agenda, share minutes, track action points. Spend less time in meetings.

Track action points

Action points never get lost. You simply record in the minutes who's responsible for each item. Each participant can log in to see their own list of action points; you can send out reminders; and there's peer-pressure because everyone can easily see the status of all actions in the meeting.

The person responsible for an action point can record how much work is left on it, plus notes which all other participants can view to keep them informed.

Action points can also have due dates attached to them. If the action still doesn't get done, it can be automatically included on the agenda for the next meeting.

Share minutes

Distributing minutes takes two mouse clicks. In addition, there's a central place where all participants can go to view the minutes (rather than having them "pushed" out), and you can subscribe to the minutes as an RSS feed.

The participants can include a "distribution list" - people who need to have access to the minutes, but aren't actually taking part in the meeting.

Distribute a meaningful agenda

Sending out an agenda in advance is equally easy. You can also collect participants' suggestions for agenda points without e-mails bouncing backwards and forwards - each person can be allowed to enter their proposed items directly into the agenda.

Keep to the clock

Effectiveness means starting on time and keeping to time. The system can time each agenda item, leading to more focused meetings with less slippage.

Regular meetings

It's easy to create a series of meetings. The system provides a one-click way of adding any incomplete actions from the previous meeting to the agenda for the next meeting.

You can also automatically copy participants from one meeting to another, or copy across the entire agenda.

Not just for meetings!

Matchpeg Meetings doesn't have to be used to record actual meetings. It's also a highly effective way of publishing any group task list, letting everyone see progress on a set of related actions without e-mails and paper flying everywhere.

Matchpeg Meetings can even be used to maintain a personal task list, linking related actions together rather than the usual scrappy to-do list in software such as Microsoft Outlook.

Record meetings with clients

Matchpeg Meetings is a great way of recording meetings with clients in order to share the information with a colleague or manager. You simply create a meeting, record what happened with the client, and put your colleagues/manager on the distribution list for the minutes.

Record meetings for clients

Equally, you can record a meeting for the client's benefit, and give them access to a web page where they can see your progress on the action points from the meeting.

Track costs

Matchpeg Meetings lets you record a cost against each item in the minutes (and it then tracks the total cost associated with the meeting).

You can either use this for internal costs, or to record what you're charging for each action in a meeting with a client.

Who runs effective meetings and gets things done?

Matchpeg Meetings tells you who's got uncompleted action points, how quickly each person completes their actions, and how effective each meeting organiser is: whether their meetings run to time, and how good they are at making sure that action points happen.

No installation, no headaches

Matchpeg Meetings is entirely browser-based. Nothing gets installed on your computer.

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