Benefits of Matchpeg Workflow

Benefits of Matchpeg Workflow

Automate everything from purchase requests to project initiation. Wave goodbye to paper forms.

One system, many uses

Matchpeg Workflow is a single, versatile system with any number of uses:

  • HR forms such as holiday requests and sickness self-certification
  • Purchase orders and expenses
  • Software bug tracking
  • Project initiation
  • Task delegation
  • almost anything else you can think of.

You can define as many workflows as you like, to improve the efficiency of your business processes, or just to make sure processes which already work stay working.


Your users only need to learn how to use one system to handle all their workflow needs. Learn one simple system which works, rather than lots of expensive systems which are too complex to deliver results.


It's easy to tailor Matchpeg Workflow to do whatever you want: either tinker with the example workflow definitions which are supplied with the system, or build your own from scratch.


You get to define exactly what happens at each stage of a workflow, in a way which can be quickly altered in the light of new circumstances.

Don't want your financial controller rejecting purchase requests? Don't let him! Set up the workflow so that he can only pass requests back for further work, rather than rejecting them outright.

Not a form-builder

Matchpeg Workflow isn't a form-builder. It doesn't encourage people to waste time making forms look pretty, tinkering with font sizes and switching backwards and forwards between bold and italic for that oh-so-important title at the top of the form.

The emphasis of Matchpeg Workflow is simple: get things done.

No installation, no headaches

Matchpeg Meetings is entirely browser-based. Nothing gets installed on your computer. People can use the system from any computer, anywhere in the world.

Information is reassurance

Why do your colleagues loathe the HR, finance, and IT departments? Because information disappears into them, never to be seen again.

Have my expenses been approved? Can I go ahead and book that holiday? What's happening about the request to purchase that gizmo which I really need to do my job? Why hasn't my computer been fixed yet?

These are all questions which Matchpeg Workflow can answer: users always have access to the current status of items they've created.

Automatically share out work

You can define groups of users, such as a Customer Services team, and have Matchpeg Workflow automatically share out new tasks between the team members.

You just define whether new workflow items should be allocated simply in rotation, or to whoever has the shortest queue. Matchpeg Workflow then does the rest for you.

Managers have access to a concise dashboard showing the current load on each member of their team, with one-click links through to more detailed lists of the workflow items making up each headline figure.

Help out your team

Matchpeg Workflow's reporting not only identifies who's got the most work outstanding - the number of workflow items currently assigned to them - but also tracks the progress of items.

It identifies the stages where items are spending longest, and with which people. You can identify problems before they happen, taking work away from members of your team who are already over-burdened, and refining processes.

Aggregated reporting

Matchpeg Workflow lets you put all your workflows in one place, rather than having separate systems to track your HR forms, your finance forms, your bug reports, your project initiation etc.

Therefore, aggregated reporting across all workflow items provides a much clearer impression of where people are spending their time, and where the bottlenecks are. You can quickly drill down to see why Bob's clocked up 30 days of items assigned to him, or why Gretchen currently has 117 items sitting in her inbox.

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