Pricing for Matchpeg Workflow

Pricing for Matchpeg Workflow

All Matchpeg's products are completely free for up to 5 users

How much does it cost?

Matchpeg Workflow is completely free for up to 5 users.

Once you have discovered the benefits of Matchpeg and want to extend its use across your whole firm, subscriptions start at $3.75 per user per month - falling to $2.50 or even less for larger customers.

A single subscription covers all Matchpeg's products: Meetings, Brainstorming, and Workflow.


Matchpeg charges a simple monthly subscription based on the number of users you need:

10 users 25 38
20 users 50 75
30 users 75 112
40 users 100 150
50 users 112 168
75 users 165 250
100 users 200 300
150 users 300 450
200 users 350 525

There is a discount of 10% for paying quarterly in advance, and a discount of 20% for paying annually in advance. Please contact us if you need a subscription option which is not listed here.

Prices exclude UK sales tax (VAT). VAT is payable only by UK customers, and by Eurozone customers who are not registered with their local tax authority.

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