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For all press and media enquiries, please contact Selwyn Herring (, or use our standard contact form. Please do make sure to warn us of any deadlines you are working to for publication.

Reader offers and competitions

  • Matchpeg can offer free subscriptions as prizes in competitions.
  • Matchpeg's affiliate scheme can be used in promotions, as a way of generating commission income for your publication.
  • Matchpeg can offer extended free trials to readers.
  • We are happy to build bespoke landing pages for links from your publication.

About Matchpeg

You can find background information about Matchpeg elsewhere in this area of the website.

We are always particularly interested in talking to journalists who are writing about business efficiency and improvement, rather than just technology. Matchpeg is a technology company, but we see this as a means to an end: helping people to run their businesses better.

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